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Shell scheme booth design is arranged by exhibition organizers for those exhibitors who have less than 20 square meters of stand space. Shell scheme booths supplied by exhibition organizers are very basic in look but with the creative imagination a simple shell scheme can be enhanced and tailored to meet exhibitors’ objectives. A shell scheme is a modular system which comes in one meter and can be organized to any size and these modules are supplied to many exhibitions mostly by the exhibition organizer. A traditional shell scheme booth design is made of plywood panels with the frame made of softwood and these are painted with a Velcro compatible material. The best way to make your shell scheme booth to stand out from the crowd is to change prefer the color of the panels which could match to corporate colors and then put fantastic graphics with strong messages. In your stand you can add Carpet, furniture and a company name board provided by the exhibition organizer, to make sure about all the requirements you should check the exhibition manual or ask with the organizers.

Making a grand exhibiting in an exhibition is not is easy, it requires a good planning with enough resources. The beauty of a shell scheme is that it offers a readymade space in cost effective manner to exhibit. Here are the few points you can add on your list to make your shell scheme booth design like by everyone.

  • Chooses a strong graphics

Use strong graphics because it will provide you most effective ways to transform a shell scheme stand and to achieve the attention of visitors. Strong graphics refers to a clear, uncluttered messaging and pictures, and don’t put small typing because it will be difficult to read from a distance. Seamless graphics can make a small shell scheme stand to look bigger in the area because they present a clear image to the eye of viewers and most importantly it will give your company looks highly professional.

  • Add suitable colors

Colors are the most important things to do in your shell scheme stand. You can make some changes in the color of the fascia and company name written on the board. Usually, people choose grey and white to give the professional look to stand which is a really cool idea to have. You can change the colors of the panel if you are making it in advance. You might want to place panels on edge or all of the panels on one side of stand depending on where you want to put your graphics and digital screens.

  • Make a red carpet glam

Shell scheme carpet is another option to do something with to make your shell scheme stand better. Simple but effective way to achieve standout and it will not take much cost to do this.Shell scheme booth design contractors can offer you a range of standard carpet colors and then you can order it directly from the exhibitor’s manual.

  • Be aware of your space

As I already mentioned that the modular system comes in one meter which has different sizes. So the size can be varying and you have to see the space carefully. Manage the space in such a way that you can make good space for visitor’s sitting and for standing.

  • Inspect your images

You need to make sure that your images are of high quality and attractive enough. Carefully observe elements and their sizes in the screen. Sometimes it happens that the image which you have chosen for your stand is different on large size because the part of the image which you can’t see on thumbnail is might be visible in a 2m tall image.


There are more things you can do with your shell scheme booth design but follow the above points to make an attractive design and grab the attention of visitors.

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