Are You Going to Host Trade Show Booth? Here's the Perfect Digital Media Strategy

A trade show is simply one of the most effective means of marketing for companies and organisations to show off their trade prowess. While people are now leaning towards digital and social media, but a trade show is all about providing face-to-face opportunities and if used right, it could be a goldmine for lead generation.

But now and then, many businesses fail to properly implement ROI and hence they don’t get all the benefits it provides. They mostly fail to understand all the benefits of many technologies that the modern world provides. Here, we will help you go through all three stages of the strategy-


First things first, you need to take advantage of every opportunity you are provided through the introduction of digital technology the spread the word about your company and your business.

You need to promote your business for attendance at the trade show to make sure people know that you will be hosting your products and services there. You may also want to create a sort of e-invite form so that the trade show attendees can schedule a meeting with you and your company executives at the event. Next thing, you would like to build a professional social media campaign with the sole purpose of attracting more and more attendees at the trade show. This will further enhance the digital outreach status of your business.

But before you do that, find out the official hashtag for the trade show. Take a note of it and don’t forget to add it every trade show related posts you send. Often times trade shows have their own social media accounts, so be sure to follow them and engage with the people and their content. It is also a perfect opportunity to make your company a people-focused and to build a rapport with the people involved. This also a great way to find out which social media platform your customers and trade show attendees are using the most. If you also need an exhibition stall design company in Delhi for your booth/stall, then you can contact us, we are one of the highest-rated exhibition stall designer in Delhi, India. We are known as International Exhibition stall design company in Delhi

Now, let’s do some good old-fashioned email market campaign. Compose and send a series of emails with great content about your trade show which will further promote your trade show campaign.


Now that you have all sorts of attention for your trade show campaign from social media, email marketing campaigns, your website, and targeted ads. It’s time for the trade show hosting itself.

First of all, don’t end your social media focus just because the trade show has already begun. Throughout the campaign, let your marketing campaign group stay active all through the night sharing all the reveals and experiences from the trade show with the same hashtags. Posting a ton of pictures of yourself, your team members your booth, and pictures of your team engaging and connecting with the attendees is a great way to draw traffic and connecting more people who are either live-streaming the tradeshow or couldn’t be there in person. Your posts should make people in twitter think, “That booth looks so cool.” And if you did indeed choose us as your International exhibition stall designer in Delhi, India, then you nothing to worry about as it will indeed look wonderful.

Make sure you offer plenty of snacks and drinks to go around your booth the whole time because wherever there are food and drinks around, attendees are likely to pay a visit and if your content, they might as well stay at your booth for a long time. Now, that’s some attention worth getting.

Now, it’s time to get into the giveaways and exclusive content. You’ve great content for the show and great engagement with your customers but that is still not enough. Giveaways and exclusive content are the last piece of the puzzle to your whole marketing campaign. This way your customers and attendees will be drawn to your booth more so than ever before. Here are some ways on how you could do that-

·      Create a complete package of the giveaway that you propose in a separate URL.

·      Create a QR-code card for attendees to scan and download exclusive content while visiting your trade show booth.

·      Make plenty of copies of such QR-code so that your sales team can hand that out to more people.


While investing in the marketing campaign inessential, however, it is equally essential that you don’t just forget about it once the trade show is over. The show is over, but you still have work to do.

You will start by sending a non-sales email to everybody who attended your show, live-streamed, and even those who had interest but couldn’t attend the show. It should be 5-6 sentences and not more than that. It should be about who you are as a company and not your business goals, mission, or vision. Just a friendly reminder.

·      Tell them who you are as a business as they have probably spoken to a lot of people in the show exhibition so its chances of it slipping past their mind are pretty obvious. So, remind them of who you are.

·      Tell them what value your company offers and that is without sounding like a total salesman.

·      Thank the attendees for taking their time out of their busy schedule to meet you and your team.

The effects of the pandemic in the trade show exhibition

The recent pandemic has put a temporary hold on trade shows for the moment and when it finally settles, the trade show exhibition will reopen once again and you need to ready for that. Even if the pandemic ends, you should offer hand sanitizing facilities and masks to attendees at the booth which will feel more secure and right at home. This will create a very positive aura around your booth which is great feedback. And if you need an International Exhibition stall design company in Delhi, then be sure to give us a try.