10 Innovative Ideas to Attract Visitors To Your Exhibition Stand

There are a huge number of exhibition stall stands happening all-over the world. Almost all the brands are taking initiative in exhibitions, to make people aware of their brand to attract new leads. The potential of these exhibitions is great, and this is a good marketing strategy.

With the increase of exhibition stall designers in Delhi, India, it can be said that this marketing strategy is a prospective way and has great potential for the future. New ideas and innovations are the keys to attract more and more people towards your exhibitions. With technological evolution, the expectancy of people has reached the roof of the walls.

There is a lot of competition in the market, particularly in this field. Everyone is coming up with innovations and unique ideas to promote their brands. So, the need for best stall designers is at peak. But if you need exhibition stands, you just can’t blindly trust anyone with their work. Know more about the way you should display your products to grab your customer’s attention.

We are an exhibition stall design company in Delhi and we have the best designs available in the market. We offer the best ideas by which you can display and present your products and we are an International stall design company.

Here are some of the most innovative ideas that you can come up with to attract people to your exhibition stand -


1) 3d Environment

This is one of the most intriguing experiences that you can give to your customers. There are new technologies in the world by which you can give 3d experience to your customers and give them ideas about the products you are trying to display. You can create immersive environments with the use of holograms and projectors around your customers and take them on an immersive journey. This technique helps to grab the attention of the people, especially in a tight and competitive trade market exhibition. We have a lot of technologically advanced designs and we provide the most unique designs amongst all exhibition stall design companies in Delhi.

 2)  VR/AR tech

This is another means of a fascinating way to showcase your products. The VR/AR techs can be used to give a real-life experience to your customers, but only in a simulated environment. With this advanced tech, you can share how to use and how your products can help by giving them a taste of actually using them in real-life. This way you can give your consumers a memorable experience and is the best way to gain traffic to your stall.

 3) Graphical banners

The most effective way to grab the attention of the people is to create a more attractive banner and poster for your stall. Creating bold and high-quality graphic designs will attract more customers. We are one of the international stall design company who offers 3d design for our customers to give you the idea about how your stall is going to look like on the day of the show.

 4) Set up a cool atmosphere

People want something that is unique and intriguing. The main motive of this exhibition is to grab the attention of people who want to get their hands-on technological products with innovative ideas and new concepts. The ultimate goal is to create a peaceful environment, where people can walk freely and observe different displays. Remember that the environment matters the most for people to visit your booth.

 5) Gifts and Giveaways

This is another way you can grab your customer’s attention. Gifts and giveaways have been used for many decades for the promotion of the brand. Give gifts to the people to make them happy and gain their trust, to make them interested in your brand and products. Choose the gifts which should make an impact on the memories of the people and remember you even after the show.

 6) Include Edutainment

The best way to make your presentation most interesting is to add gaming facilities in your booth. This way you can gain maximum traffic. Gaming is the way you can leverage engagement to your booth and allure them to stay longer. Planning is the most important thing in this case. You have to add games for your customers just not to entertain them, but the way you can share your data with them. A successful game would make people crowd in your stall and they would never forget the experience you offered them. There are few exhibitions stall design company in Delhi, India, who add this type of intriguing ideas in their architecture and we are one of them.

 7) Decorate with Rental Accessories

It is important to build your stall with high-quality accessories for having great looks and eye-catchy themes. But all these high-quality equipment comes at a high price. So, the thing you can do is to rent these high-quality decorates to maintain a pocket-friendly budget. Our exhibition designer company in Delhi offers a wide variety of accessories to enhance the look of your stall.

 8) Attractive lightings

One of the ways you can make an impression of your stall is by creating designs with striking lightings. You can create your own additional dazzling light shows and you don’t have to depend on the show for this. The advantage of lighting is that it makes it more attractive to the eyes of the visitors and makes your stall more visible from a distance.

9) Live stream your Exhibition Stall

Spread awareness about your brand and products by adding live streaming videos of your stall. Post them in social media to grab more attention of people and give them an idea about your products. Give your audience a first-hand look at your booth and generate hype during the show.

10) Affinity

The successful stall exhibition key lies in communication with people. Interaction with everyone who visits your stall not only encourages people to visit your stall but also helps you to promote your brand and products.